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Data fusion and streaming analytics with QOMPLX

Jumpstart the design and build of your Data Fabric with QOMPLX

QOMPLX Data Fabric solutions

Each solution is a pre-assembled set of QOMPLX components, strategically integrated to perform mission-critical data analytics activities and to accomplish use-case centric objectives. Having invested thousands of hours into discussions with data scientists, industry experts, and existing clients, these solutions were designed with users in mind, and are supplemented with our deep in-house understanding of enterprise-analytics technology and model development.

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Q:OS Data Ingest & Storage

Data Ingest & Storage allows enterprise clients to ingest data from diverse sources, unifying and storing data into a common knowledge base that can be queried for insights and decision-making.

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Data Exploration and Visualization

Notebook-supported data exploration and dashboard-based visualization capabilities for quantitative analysis and business intelligence. Uncover data trends, detect anomalies, and analyze results, through configurable and intuitive interfaces that display actionable content.

Workflow Automation

Robust automation of existing, multi-stage and complex, data processing and quantitative analysis using orchestration pipelines and rule-based workflows.

Algorithm Development

Easy-to-use toolkit for configuring, training, validating, serving and monitoring complex machine-learning or other models.

Simulation Modeling

Simulation model builder tool with experiments and scenario exploration capabilities, based on agent-based and discrete-event simulation paradigms.