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Fix the vulnerabilities of Active Directory

As the cornerstone of your network, Active Directory (AD) is a major target for cyber attacks. Its lack of intrinsic security is legendary but many of its vulnerabilities can be remediated. Learn more in this Aite report.

End the cybersecurity guesswork

Get immediate explanations surrounding events on your network and what they mean. From over privileged or stale accounts to password policy compliance and finding end-of-life assets, Privilege Assurance provides the answer.

End the cybersecurity guesswork

Prevent kerberoasting and other cyber attacks by monitoring at-risk assets or accounts. Leverage powerful analytics to identify and monitor accounts that are at-risk for compromise and/or are in close relation to domain administrators.

End the cybersecurity guesswork

Gain visibility across your network environment and understand where you may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fortify your cybersecurity strategy to defend your critical control infrastructure.

Find network answers
Powerful analytics
Maintain control

Powerful data visualization and explorations

Use detailed graph visualizations to see the pathways that a cyber criminal may take to reach a target from a start point, using a configurable number of “hops”.

Powerful data visualization and explorations

Be able to predict damage and Blast Radius® of a given node that attackers can reach, and develop proactive cybersecurity that prevents them from moving forward.

Trace attack pathways
Explore blast radius

Reduce cyber risk exposure by identifying excessive rights and permissions

QOMPLX Privilege Assurance

Privilege Assurance monitors AD and cloud credential risks, including vulnerable users, attack paths, and misconfigurations that attackers seek to exploit.

  • Find and monitor at-risk assets
  • Identify over privileged accounts and groups
  • Improve cyber hygiene

Holistic visibility

Improve cybersecurity decisions with shared insights and alerts derived across your environment to optimize security operations.

  • Executive insights
  • Understand asset relationships and value
  • Data ingest from existing tools and sources

Time to value

Each forest needs just one collector. Quick install and map multi-forest AD environments and show attacker pathways in minutes.

  • Fast implementation
  • Effortless administration of SaaS product
  • Ready-to-use dashboards

Prioritization of work

Empower your analyst to focus on the events that matter most.

  • Graphing and data exploration on-demand
  • Recommendations based on urgency and risk exposure
  • Contextual and prioritized alerts

Trusted by leading companies to deliver results:

Financial Services

Financial services firm steps up against ransomware

QOMPLX protects global financial firm from ransomware and enables worry-free expansion.

Raising the bar: IP law firm secures more with QOMPLX

QOMPLX Managed Services enables a client IP law firm to identify and mitigate their biggest, client oriented risks in just days.

QOMPLX finds and fixes gaps in insurer’s cybersecurity

QOMPLX’s eliminated all material external exposures for this life insurance client within 60 days of starting the engagement.

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