Gain a hacker’s perspective on your network

Understand where attackers can see vulnerabilities on your network and fix them to make your firm a less attractive target.

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Average remediation in 90 days
Free retest on all identified vulnerabilities so clients can check any residual issues and remediate.
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Clients return or add services
Most clients return and give us the opportunity to embrace new challenges with them.
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Compliance with Industry Standards
QOMPLX enables our clients to meet stringent compliance requirements from PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.
Diversity and Inclusion

Increased attention on vulnerability remediation

Our resource deployment consulting focuses on getting the most out of your financial, infrastructural, and human resources. We use a simple Business Impact Matrix to provide you with reasonable paths forward, removing complexity for your team.

Diversity and Inclusion

Know what’s working and do more of it

It is just as important to know what your team is doing right as well as any areas that need improvement, and that’s why we include positive security findings and trends in our reports.

Diversity and Inclusion

Constant updates for defenders

We help your Blue Team focus and improve attack detections and response as well as fix any preliminary issues identified. For Red Team engagements we insist on out-briefing the Blue Team first. The Red Team is only successful if the Blue Team improves detection and response.

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ManyKatz: How AD Attacks went mainstream

Learn how identity infrastructure attacks went from “Jedi” to “Just another Day at the Office”.

Trusted by leading companies to deliver results:

Financial Services

Financial services firm steps up against ransomware

QOMPLX protects global financial firm from ransomware and enables worry-free expansion.

Raising the bar: IP law firm secures more with QOMPLX

QOMPLX Managed Services enables a client IP law firm to identify and mitigate their biggest, client oriented risks in just days.

QOMPLX finds and fixes gaps in insurer’s cybersecurity

QOMPLX’s eliminated all material external exposures for this life insurance client within 60 days of starting the engagement.

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