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QOMPLX Risk Cloud

QOMPLX is a cloud-native leader in risk analytics. Our customers rapidly ingest, transform, and contextualize large, complex, and disparate data sources using our data factory in order to better quantify, model, and predict risks. We help organizations develop more informed risk strategies and decisions for Cyber Security, Insurance, and Finance.


Our unified analytics platform enables organizations to obtain and maintain a dynamic and scalable view of their critical risks. We bring together data sources across your organization including operations, finance, and risk teams to provide the ground truth of your dynamic risks.

This centralized view enables more informed and intelligent decisions—using risk as a filter to focus attention on the most critical elements.

Our unified analytics platform enables organizations to obtain and maintain a dynamic and scalable view of their critical risks. We bring together data sources across your organization including operations, finance, and risk teams to provide the ground truth of your dynamic risks.


This centralized view enables more informed and intelligent decisions—using risk as a filter to focus attention on the most critical elements.

The Era of the Programmable Enterprise

The QOMPLX risk cloud is ushering in the era of the programmable enterprise—enabling our customers to build trust and longevity in an uncertain world and capitalize on their risks as opportunities. Our cloud-native risk analytics platform leads the way by scaling and blending the best attributes of human decision-making with:

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Contextual data analytics
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Scenario-based modeling simulation
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Multi-dimensional risk management
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Adaptive automation

Unify your data and power economic risk quantification, mitigation, & response


Our cloud-native data factory streamlines the development of data-intensive applications allowing clients to focus on their business use cases. A powerful configurable core platform allows business, operations, financial, and risk data to be brought together and then directed, utilized, and consistently managed across the enterprise. QOMPLX continuously collects, ingests, and enriches all of your disparate data and integrates them into a centralized data fabric with integrated persistence, orchestration, and transformation engines. This dramatically reduces the time spent by data engineers on data preparation, engineering, and persistence and allows them to focus on solving your toughest business challenges, increasing the quality of your analytic outcomes, and maximizing the potential for growth.

Our Platform’s Approach to Risk Analytics

Risk is an inherent part of our highly connected and interdependent world. The most successful organizations don’t just manage risk; they use it as a competitive differentiator to drive success in their greatest business decisions and outcomes. At QOMPLX, we understand that the ubiquity of data can make it overwhelming to identify, quantify, contextualize, and respond to changing threats and vulnerabilities at scale. We provide data infrastructure that manages the dynamic digital supply chain to allow our customers to leverage powerful turn-key data flows—ensuring that proprietary data sets, models, detections, and even simulations are fit for purpose, traceable, and securely available for enterprise-wide use at scale.


The foundations of our risk approach:

  • Visibility must be expansive and flexible: A modern organization requires a full data and model asset inventory to understand the supply chain that feeds its own products and decision-making.

  • Risk is a consequence of dependence: Businesses need to understand how their critical services relate to IT and physical infrastructure. Risk analytics, economics, and insurance are essential to a healthy balance sheet.

  • Trust: Authentication is at the center of the digital enterprise; businesses must have confidence in it as the “root” of trust.

  • Balance: Your strategy is ultimately an allocation of resources to anticipatory and reactive investments: prevention vs response. QOMPLX helps focus investments to drive the right balance based on the threat models and consequence scenarios that are most appropriate for your business.

Together, We Can

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Uncover the ground truth of your risks

That ground truth evolves with new data and is the basis for building risk management and remediation plans, at scale, driving toward your most strategic objectives through:

  • Continuous collection of internal, external, and third party data

  • Utilization of synthetic data and simulations

  • Dynamic deterministic and stochastic risk modeling

  • Quantification of potential exposures and exploration of historical loss events

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Employ proactive cyber health & financial risk management

Our customers gain increased operational resilience, and a holistic, retrospective, current, and forward-looking view of their risks that will enable them to:

  • Unify data from authentication, logs, and other telemetry sources for both on-premise and cloud resources

  • Know and improve baseline cyber health with a better understanding of internal and external security posture, breach propensity, scenario and threat-model driven risk profile, and resulting cyber risk score

  • Model risks and improve your security posture and operations with real-time data that supports both ad hoc and industrialized threat hunting

  • Utilize improved risk scores and profiles to better understand economic risks and gain the perspective required to optimize insurance coverage and costs

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Build trust for your enterprise

QOMPLX restores trust in the enterprise with improved control around authentication, visibility across existing on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, and integration of data generated by other security and operations tools. Powerful exemplary resultant use cases include:

  • Detect forged credentials, privilege escalation and lateral movement attacks for on-premise and the cloud

  • Gain visibility across multiple log and application data sources with unified search, ad hoc data analytics, and extensible detection and alerting frameworks

  • Develop comprehensive and dynamic enterprise-wide risk management and risk finance programs that leverage real operational data feeds

  • Simulate real scenarios to better understand how to navigate different opportunities and risks both operationally and financially

QOMPLX Solutions Portfolio


Cyber-criminal groups and nation-state actors are exploiting critical IT infrastructure including Microsoft Active Directory and the Kerberos authentication protocol to establish long-term residence on sensitive networks disguised as privileged users or applications. QOMPLX Q:CYBER helps some of the world’s leading companies identify such attacks and defeat these sophisticated cyber adversaries. With the help of Q:CYBER institutions can integrate disparate identity and authentication data from across their enterprise, spotting malicious activity such as Kerberos ticket forgeries and defusing attacks at their earliest stages.

Cyber Insurance, Underwriting and Portfolio Risk Management, Model Marketplace

An integrated decision platform that links all efforts across the insurance value chain including underwriting and/or referrals, pricing, risk management, and reinsurance sourcing.

Quantitative Finance

A quantitative, multi-asset decision platform designed to identify and optimize alpha generation opportunities, manage risk across the firm, and minimize compliance vulnerabilities.


An Enterprise Operation System designed to enable data-driven, contextualized decision platforms that are risk-centric and highly customizable for virtually any business domain.

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