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Identity security is essential to network operations. Verify identity in real-time.

QOMPLX Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) continuously validates to prevent network takeovers

QOMPLX ITDR uncovers existing Active Directory (AD) misconfigurations and detects attacks in real-time

Identity Verification

We verify everyone to prevent privilege escalation and lateral movement.
Identity Verification

Unified visibility for your team

We integrate with your current security stack and use it to augment our analytics resulting in comprehensive visibility.
Unified visibility for your team

Real-time detections and alerts

Understand the priority and severity of threats so resources can spend time where it matters most.
Real-time detections and alerts

Real-time detections and prevention stops attackers from bypassing security measures

Time to detection on average
Under 3 minutes
Accuracy on Kerberos, Domain Replication Services, WEL based detections
False positives
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85% of cyber breaches target Active Directory

Discover how organizations can be more proactive in hardening their Active Directory security and critical controls infrastructure to prevent catastrophe.

Trusted by leading companies to deliver results:

Financial Services

Financial services firm steps up against ransomware

QOMPLX protects global financial firm from ransomware and enables worry-free expansion.

Raising the bar: IP law firm secures more with QOMPLX

QOMPLX Managed Services enables a client IP law firm to identify and mitigate their biggest, client oriented risks in just days.

QOMPLX finds and fixes gaps in insurer’s cybersecurity

QOMPLX’s eliminated all material external exposures for this life insurance client within 60 days of starting the engagement.

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Prevent attacks on clusters of high privilege in your network