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Journal of Cyber Policy: Jason Crabtree featured in ‘2021 Predictions for Identity and Access Management (IAM)’

Jason Crabtree, QOMPLX CEO and co-founder was featured in the Journal of Cyber Policy article, ‘2021 Predictions for Identity and Access Management (IAM).’

Digital identity, zero trust, and Active Directory attacks were the main points of focus from several industry experts.

Crabtree discussed how Active Directory and authentication attacks will continue to dominate ransomware and breach events:

“In 2021, as attackers seek dominance in victim networks, attacks against Active Directory and authentication, like the SolarWinds attack, will continue to dominate major ransomware and breach events. In particular, healthcare and manufacturing attacks will continue to accelerate, given the large amount of legacy protocol use and gaps in visibility in critical infrastructure,” Crabtree said.

Read the full article at journalofcyberpolicy.com

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