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Protect your critical IT infrastructure and data against compromise in real-time

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Trusted solutions to combat cybersecurity's toughest challenges

Our unique analytics platform combines real-time identity verification with customizable attack detections and interactive visualizations to secure Active Directory. Streaming analyses of existing security logs enables cross-tool data fusion for enriched integrations.

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Unique authentication validation

Detect potentially devastating attacks in minutes with minimal false positives.

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Active Directory visibility

Explore complex relationships, reveal attack paths, and assess potential breach impac.

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Unprecedented interoperability

Integrate streaming analysis of almost any security logs to enrich data with deep context.

QOMPLX cybersecurity solutions portfolio

Q:CYBER performs rapid detections on streaming data via the QOMPLX Data Factory to validate identity and prevent Active Directory compromise. We perform real-time monitoring of users, attack paths, and mis-configurations so you can defend your organization.

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Q:CYBER interest areas

Explore and discover the benefits of the QOMPLX:CYBER solutions portfolio.

SaaS Solutions

Our suite of SaaS Solutions reveal and prioritize your risk exposures

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Managed Services

Rapid detections & response by trusted experts

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Professional Services

The right cybersecurity services when you need them most

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SaaS solutions

Assess risk, prevent harm

Designed to reveal, assess, and prioritize risk holistically with interactive tools to visualize and help secure Active Directory, our SaaS products are built on a ground-breaking data fusion platform that detects sophisticated attackers before they can cause real damage.

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Managed Services

Put our expertise to work

Our experts leverage Q:CYBER and existing tools to assess and prioritize risk mitigation in your environment. They recognize and respond to potentially devastating attacks in real-time. Their 24x7 support enables your team to confidently refocus on your other business needs.

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Professional Services

Custom security on-demand

Whether you want to build your security programs from scratch or need to benchmark your exisiting security programs, QOMPLX can help you choose the best security services and frequency for your organization

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Every one of our customers has discovered unexpected vulnerabilities. You can’t secure the unknown.
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How do I know if I should be considering a managed service or a pure SaaS offering?

If your company has an internal security operations center (SOC), then you’ll most likely want to consider our SaaS options to enhance their capabilities. If, on the other hand, your company does not have a SOC, you should consider our managed security services where we fulfill the SOC’s function for your firm.

How do I maximize my security with the least effort?

Focus on the most critical controls first. To determine your best path forward, have one of our experts assess your firm’s current level of cybersecurity maturity.

Can QOMPLX integrate with my existing security investments?

Unlike most of our competitors, we built our processes, infrastructure, and SaaS to integrate with clients’ existing security investments. After all, you want your security investments to simplify, not complexify your operations.

I’m new to cyber security, where do I start?

For someone who’s new to cyber security, the best place to start is a security assessment. We’ll review your current architecture and investments to guide you on your security journey.

I have great perimeter security, why do I need QOMPLX?

Our capabilities in authenticating identity transactions are quite simply a generation ahead of our competitors. Since it only takes one employee to click on one malicious link for breach to occur, assuming breach is the only responsible approach to cyber security.

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