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Data Powered Solutions for Every Mission

Our Mission

Your operating environment is more complex than ever. You need tools to tame that complexity. At QOMPLX Government Solutions, we build high-speed, highly-scaled event processing solutions. Our technology integrates all of your critical data sources to allow you to make better, more data-driven decisions. QOMPLX’s advanced algorithms, simulations, and machine learning tools help governments solve their toughest, mission-related challenges.

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Solution Capabilities

QOMPLX brings a wide range of skills and technologies to bear in helping our government customers better manage operational risk across their environment including cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT assets. QOMPLX's foundational capabilities in data handling, analytics, advanced algorithm creation, simulations and machine learning enable our government customers to identify abnormalities in their IT environment and proactively manage operational risk. QOMPLX's core capabilities are delivered in a suite of products that includes:

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A cloud-based Enterprise Operating System that provides superlative analytics, simulation modeling, and machine learning-driven planning to solve the world's most demanding problems.

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A cyber decision platform that helps organizations solve the hardest problems in information security. It comprises modules for Monitoring & Protection; Adaptive Response and Risk Optimization for planning enterprise-wide risk mitigation.

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A general-purpose tool for large-scale simulation modeling. It supports multiple modeling paradigms and has an intuitive UI that allows low- code/no-code construction of new simulation agents, behaviors, and worlds.

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A large scale, highly performant, data-driven cyber exposure measurement platform. Q:SCAN helps our government customers uncover the “ground truth” of their operating environment by applying the latest open source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis techniques to identify cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Who We Serve

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Prepare For Your CMMC Audit With Confidence

Our pre-assessment will help your organization identify areas of concern or that are in need of improvement as you prepare for your CMMC audit. Our assessment tool will pinpoint problem areas before your audit and streamline CMMC certification.

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Start your CMMC Pre-Assessment

Dun & Bradstreet has partnered with QOMPLX to create a Pre-Assessment tool that will walk you through the steps needed to prepare your firm for a CMMC audit.

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