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Zero Trust but Verify

Q:CYBER for OT secures every industrial environment

Protect every OT asset

Q:CYBER for OT lets you secure critical infrastructure in any industrial environment by helping to create a full, accurate asset inventory of your technology environment and ingesting, analyzing, and auditing all of your data, including activity logs created by your firm's IT and OT assets.

Our Q:CYBER for OT solution is a combination of our industry-leading Q:SCAN, Identity Assurance, and Privilege Assurance cybersecurity software that’s been customized for Industrial Environments. Q:CYBER for OT monitors the logs of every OT, ICS, and IT asset on your network to identify unusual behavior and provide real time alerts to your administrators on suspicious user activity.

Defend against downtime

For industrial environments, the connection between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) has many security implications, especially evident in the recent DarkSide ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Q:CYBER for OT detects risky activity, verifies user and device identity, and enforces privileges—without wasting your time chasing false positives. Whether a threat actor employs a phishing scam or more sophisticated methodology on your infrastructure, most attackers will move laterally through the Active Directory environment and escalate privileges.


How to secure every ICS

You know how disruptive a ransomware or supply chain attack can be to your operations and to your reputation. The challenges can be solved—with a security solution from QOMPLX engineered to meet the threats unique to protecting OT assets.

Download our guide, Zero Trust for Industrial Environments, to learn how QOMPLX’s, Identity Assurance, Privilege Assurance, and Q:SCAN solutions can help your firm implement a Zero Trust architecture in any Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control Systems network.

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