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  • Mar 16, 2023

Beverage manufacturing case study

Beverage manufacturing case study

With a small IT staff and significant IT assets to secure, one North American beverage manufacturer knew they needed to increase their defenses without driving up costs.

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Sixty percent of businesses that suffer a data breach close within six months. Why? The cost to repair the breach, plus the loss of customers is catastrophic.

One QOMPLX client, a North American-based manufacturer, knew it needed to avoid such a disaster.

  • The client worried that unauthorized access to user information might negatively affect its reputation
  • The client was concerned about ransomware attacks and data leaks
  • The client had limited IT resources

With a small IT staff, 40 domain controllers, and numerous member servers to secure, the client also knew they’d need a solution that would increase their defenses without driving up costs.


To bolster its security, the client installed QOMPLX Privilege Assurance and Identity Assurance to provide real-time protection from Golden Ticket attacks, Silver Ticket attacks, and other catastrophic attack types.

Then, the client purchased the QOMPLX Managed Assurance service to monitor and triage security alerts flagged by the QOMPLX security team. After enjoying enhanced security measures, the client expanded its relationship with QOMPLX to include VCISO services to advise on uplifts to its security program.

For less than the cost of one full-time qualified cybersecurity employee, QOMPLX watches 24x7 for any signs of malicious activity across the client’s identity infrastructure.


With QOMPLX, the client can focus on its core business and not worry about potential threats to identify and authenticate.

The client also gained tremendous value by gaining the ability to protect its servers from attacks without overspending. And if a cybersecurity incident does occur, the client rests assured knowing QOMPLX will capture it, notify the firm immediately, and help investigate it.

Confidence in identity was central to the client’s zero trust strategy — QOMPLX was the key enabler.

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