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  • Mar 15, 2023

Asset management case study

Asset management case study

Core assets must be protected from cyber threats. With QOMPLX’s Identity Assurance and Privilege Assurance software, clients can have a real-time understanding of their IT assets and users’ identities.

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Amid increasing cyber threats and mounting regulatory compliance pressure, a leading trading and investment firm needed a unified defense platform to protect its core assets: intellectual property, customer data, and operations integrity.

The cost-effective, streamlined platform had to include:

  • Asset management, identification, and enumeration
  • Vulnerability management
  • Active Directory and Kerberos authentication security
  • User behavior analytics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Machine learning proficiency
  • Incident response expertise

After evaluating several cyber SaaS managed security services providers and managed detection and response companies, the solution was clear: QOMPLX


Backed by the QOMPLX Managed Detection & Response solution, the client now has the operational team and unified defense platform needed to visualize its network with continuous real-time understanding of its connected assets.

The QOMPLX complimentary VCISO advisory service provided the on-demand strategy and expertise necessary to comply with various regulations while also developing and implementing policies, procedures, and programs for enterprise-wide cybersecurity management.

QOMPLX helped the client develop, deploy, and integrate a state-of-the-art incident response program to identify, categorize, and respond to incidents.


The client’s internal operations team can collaborate with security professionals and dynamically interrogate assets to determine which systems and processes are running—a key capability for effective threat hunting and investigation activities.

Armed with a QOMPLX-unique Kerberos protocol monitoring and authentication validation, the client has comprehensive identity assurance coverage and confidence that any forged Golden or Silver Ticket activity will be deterministically detected in seconds. They also rest assured that attacks involving rogue DCs (e.g. DCSync or DCShadow) will be thwarted.

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