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  • Aug 6, 2018

Fractal Industries No Longer in Stealth

Fractal Industries No Longer in Stealth

(RESTON, VA, August 6, 2018)--Fractal Industries, a software firm that applies artificial intelligence to solve complex, real-world problems at scale, is emerging from a multi-year research and development effort after quietly growing to a size of more than 100 full-time employees with tens of millions of dollars invested in product engineering. The team has been thoughtfully crafting the idea of democratizing the benefits of advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities through the development of what was envisioned as a human+AI operating system to optimize real-world decision-making: Fractal OS™.

The company goes beyond seeking to organize information, focusing instead on creating actual semantic understanding with real-world context including the use of simulation to model and select the best courses of action to achieve future goals. Its flagship offering is Fractal OS, a next-generation Data Analytics-as-a-Service platform enhanced with simulation modeling, deep learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities to improve decision-making in the enterprise. It is broadly applicable to a variety of challenging problems, but initial applications and development efforts focused on the nexus of security, insurance, and quantitative finance. The analytics platform has been designed to apply optimized timeliness and efficacy of real-world decisions to domain-specific applications without requiring a full data science team to build the underlying infrastructure. The company is particularly well-versed in operational risk-related areas of expertise, including cybersecurity, terrorism and political violence, and other hard-to-model risk areas requiring extensive amounts of diverse and dynamic data to be integrated and analyzed.

Fractal has also reached general availability of the first set of critical modules within its broader Advanced Cyber Decision Platform (ACDP), an end-to-end, cloud-based cyber defense platform which is built using Fractal OS as the underlying analytics engine. This milestone will be announced this week at Black Hat USA 2018, one of the world’s leading annual information security events. In his talk titled “Cyber Analytics Enabled by Knowledge Graphs,” Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Andrew Sellers will discuss Fractal’s innovations resulting from nearly 400,000 hours in research and development to address several of the most formidable problems in cybersecurity, including security challenges for Kerberos-based authentication with Active Directory and heterogeneous telemetry integration and analytics. The unique infrastructure in Fractal OS enables clients to deterministically detect stealthy attacks like Golden and Silver Tickets (as part of the Identity Assurance Module in ACDP), which many experts believe to be among the most difficult-to-detect and devastating types of attacks in the modern enterprise. The unique combination of specialized, out-of-the-box solutions built on a common and extensible platform is designed to enable customers to flexibly develop their own use cases and better tailor industry best-practices to their specific requirements.

After years of focused collaboration amongst its team comprised of industry leaders and experts, Fractal has successfully confirmed that a massively scalable unified analytics platform can be constructed from a fleet of containerized microservices for multi-cloud portability. Building tools for cyber security, insurance, and quantitative finance demonstrated that this platform could in-fact support the construction and utilization of this infrastructure to solve meaningful and commercially relevant problems. Fractal Industries continues to be focused on dramatically reducing the cost, time, and risk associated with developing data-driven analytics and workflows through Fractal OS.

Fractal Industries was founded on the belief that our complex, demanding world requires readily accessible tools. All individuals and organizations wish to better identify, enrich, and safeguard what matters most by making timely, well-informed decisions about how to achieve optimal outcomes in increasingly dynamic situations. That’s why, in the midst of growing concerns about the societal impacts of technology, Fractal has been quietly building and testing solutions that will support a positive transition to an economic future marked by enabling and ennobling people via technology. As our products become more widely shared and used, we are working to educate, cooperate, and expand opportunities for community exchange of knowledge that supports decision-making and risk management in an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Fractal Industries is now QOMPLX.


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