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Forbes Technology Council: BGP Attacks Pose A Substantial Operation Risk -- Are Enterprises Paying Attention?

Border Gateway Protocol is one of the foundational technologies of the Internet - helping traffic move between global networks seamlessly. Like the electric grid, it almost always “just works,” so most of us don’t notice it — until it stops working or is abused. Attacks on BGP are rare - but severe. Internet traffic between large swaths of the internet might pass through unfriendly networks where it can be snooped, or bog down. Attacks on BGP infrastructure can take large service providers or entire countries offline and affect millions of companies and users.

In his latest piece for Forbes Technology Council, Jason Crabtree, QOMPLX CEO and co-founder, discusses the risks posed by Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and how to secure it.

In ‘BGP Attacks Pose A Substantial Operation Risk -- Are Enterprises Paying Attention?’ for the Forbes Technology Council, Crabtree writes, “unfortunately for enterprises, BGP hacks and mishaps rarely figure into risk calculations.”

BGP rarely make headlines, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be a front-burner concern for IT security teams, Crabtree argues. In fact, enterprises’ digital transformation efforts have greatly increased dependencies on cloud and software as a service vendors, making BGP attacks more disruptive.

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