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Tysons, Virginia

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Written by QOMPLX Staff

Written by QOMPLX Staff | July 14, 2021

Jason Crabtree, Co-Founder and CEO of QOMPLX, discusses ransomware protection, and the company's upcoming listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | July 12, 2021

As Merger Nears, Tailwind Acquisition Corp. Highlights QOMPLX’s Strong Business Growth and Momentum

Written by QOMPLX Staff | July 08, 2021

Pass the Hash is a common post-exploitation attack. This post discusses how QOMPLX Identity Assurance detect PtH attacks.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | July 07, 2021

Q:OS delivers the right persistence layer through its Data Fabric, for the appropriate data model and simplifies the operational complexity of ingesting, transforming, normalizing, and schematizing data for businesses to quickly make intelligent decisions.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | July 06, 2021

Honey accounts are used to lure attackers into what may appear to be a legitimate account but is in fact a trap that was set up to look like a legitimate account.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 30, 2021

In the latest installment of our QOMPLX Intelligence series on learning from the real-time strategy (RTS) game StarCraft, we analyze different approaches to countering opponent strategies.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 28, 2021

Tracking instances of Windows Event ID 7045 (a new service was installed) is critical for capturing new service creation, which may indicate that malicious commands or payloads are being run on the system.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 28, 2021

QOMPLX Continues Global Expansion with Australian Catastrophe Risk Modeling Partnership