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The Security Ledger Podcast: Andy Jaquith on COVID, Cyber Resilience

QOMPLX CISO and General Manager of the Cyber Business Unit Andy Jaquith appeared on the Security Ledger Podcast, hosted by Paul Roberts, and discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing longstanding problems with cyber risk management and resilience to the surface.


Businesses already struggling with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are now starting to feel the brunt of opportunistic attackers targeting a newly minted remote workforce and lax home-office security.

QOMPLX CISO Andy Jaquith recently appeared on the Security Ledger Podcast with host Paul Roberts and discussed how the pandemic is exposing larger business and security issues around cyber resilience.

Listen to this podcast with QOMPLX's Andy Jaquith

Already we've seen a rise in so-called human-directed ransomware attacks and other extortion-style incidents where attackers are targeting critical control infrastructure such as Active Directory domain controllers and other authentication and authorization systems and protocols. Successful attacks against these systems enable lateral movement and privilege escalation facilitating further penetration onto networks.

During this interview, Jaquith discusses the need for organizations to be resilient to these types of attacks, and how companies such as QOMPLX can detect these potentially devastating attacks, instrument cybersecurity, and improve defenses and overall risk management inside the enterprise.

To learn more, listen to the podcast.

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