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Raconteur: Programming Data Flows for Better Customer Experience

The website Raconteur.net is featuring an interview with QOMPLX CEO Jason Crabtree that digs deep on how customer facing organizations are mining data flows to help them improve customer experience and stay ahead of disruptive, reputation-damaging events, such as ransomware attacks.

Technology has changed customer experiences and customer expectations,  Crabtree argues in the article, Diving into data flows for a better customer experience. “People aren’t going to tolerate the same kind of poor user experiences."

The emergence of frictionless online services, from Facebook to Amazon.com has raised the bar for organizations across industries.

“Suddenly, consumer app expectations and this instant gratification environment is applying to even businesses that have traditionally been allowed to call the shots, like banks, insurers and wealth managers,” Crabtree said.

With customers asking ‘why isn’t this as enjoyable as my social media account?’ companies are under pressure to deliver an excellent customer experience even under challenging circumstances, such as a cyber attack.

The key for companies to clear that high bar is for them to understand the critical processes that deliver value to the customer and focus attention and resources on securing them and ensuring their continuity.

Read the rest of the interview at Raconteur.net.

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