• Dec 24, 2020

QOMPLX Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

QOMPLX Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

If there is anything the past year has taught us, it is the importance of simple acts and traditions: sharing a meal with family, movie nights, walks and bike rides or just spending quality time together. For so many of us, Christmas is one of the few times of year when calendars clear and allow us to get together with those we love.

This year, of course, things are different. Not only have holiday parties become verboten, but public health officials are asking us to refrain from the normal family get togethers, as well. Still, even with those challenges, it is possible to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

First of all, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S.'s lead infectious disease expert, had the forethought to rush Santa Claus a dose of the Pfizer vaccine, meaning that St. Nick has the green light to make his rounds on Christmas Eve. Thanks Dr. Fauci!

Second, our enforced isolation may actually serve to focus us on the spirit of the holiday: a celebration of birth and life and light in the depths of winter's gloom. Make a fire. Light some candles. Cook a big meal. Fire up Netflix. And, whatever you do, don't let those carolers within 20 feet of your front door!

Here at QOMPLX, we're wishing all of you the most merry of Christmas holidays. As we take time off to be with our loved ones, we hope that - despite the challenges that 2020 has delivered to us - you find a way to do the same and celebrate the holiday this year with those you love in person, at a "safe distance," via Zoom - or all three.

Merry Christmas 2020 from everyone at QOMPLX!

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