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QOMPLX Operations: The Four Ps of SOCs Part 1 - People

This is the first in a series of publications we’re calling “QOMPLX Operations.” These posts are intended to provide security practitioners with best practices and insights needed to build effective, robust security operations center (SOC) teams. To learn more, download our free report!

It is often said that people are the most important part of a Security Operations Center (SOC). So why is it that talented security operations team members are driven away by poor people management, hostile environments, or resource issues?

In the first installments of our QOMPLX Operations series, we're focusing on the "Four Ps" of SOCs: People, Process, Platform and Place. Part 1 is "People."

While most organizations pay lip service to valuing employees and expertise, the truth is that in-demand SOC workers face a range of stresses and challenges that can result in diminished performance. Staff a SOC with a narrow operational focus and inexperienced team members using simple process checklists, the SOC will fail. If you house your team within a poor physical space and equip them with inefficient tools, the SOC will fail. Even more common is that constant failures and pressures build and lead to “SOC decay”- a gradual erosion in readiness, effectiveness and capability.

In our first report, we dig deep on how to cultivate effective security teams within your SOC and how to foster SOC workers to increase their satisfaction and effectiveness on the job. In this report you will learn best practices for:

  • Building an effective SOC team
  • Managing SOC scheduling to avoid burnout and employee churn
  • Identifying key skill sets for your SOC team

To download a copy of our report, use this link.

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