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QOMPLX Joins FS-ISAC as Affiliate Partner

QOMPLX is pleased to announce that it has joined the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) as an Affiliate Partner member.

FS-ISAC works to reduce cyber-risk in the global financial system, working with financial institutions and their customers around the globe. Its intelligence platform allows for the rapid sharing of cyber-intelligence and information. FS-ISAC resiliency resources, including practice scenarios, aid in business restoration. A trusted peer-to-peer network of experts is there to anticipate, mitigate and respond to cyberthreats.

As an Affiliate Partner, QOMPLX will contribute its expertise and thought leadership to help inform FS-ISAC members about emerging threats to the financial sector. In so doing, QOMPLX is helping to further the FS-ISAC's mission of reducing cyber-risk in the global financial system.

QOMPLX applies machine learning and advanced simulations to help companies solve the toughest challenges in cybersecurity, insurance underwriting and finance. We work with some of the world's leading firms to deterministically detect devastating cyber-attacks that allow privilege escalation and complete domain control, such as Golden and Silver Tickets, DCSync, and DCShadow, in near real-time.

About QOMPLX, Inc.

QOMPLX makes it faster and easier for organizations to integrate disparate internal and external data sources across the enterprise via a unified analytics infrastructure that supports better decision-making at scale. This enterprise data-fabric is called QOMPLX OS: an enterprise operating system that powers QOMPLX’s decision platforms in cybersecurity, insurance, and quantitative finance. Headquartered in Reston, VA, QOMPLX also has offices in New York, Denver and London. For more information visit QOMPLX.com and follow @QOMPLXOS.

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