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  • Nov 17, 2020

Raconteur: A CEO’s Promise to Bring Integrity to Big Data

Raconteur: A CEO’s Promise to Bring Integrity to Big Data

Data is more prized than ever, but it can be used for good or ill. Preventing a cyberattack on a global bank? Great. Election manipulation? Downright scary. What's needed, according to QOMPLX CEO Jason Crabtree, is “a source of truth" that can assess both the individual- and systemic risk associated with the different systems which comprise the modern world.

How to create that source of truth is the subject of a recent Raconteur.net  profile of Jason: Justice: A CEO’s promise to bring integrity to big data. The article discusses the ideas that gave birth to QOMPLX, as Jason and CTO and co-founder Andrew Sellers looked for ways to "democratize the murky business of data aggregation and analytics" so that organizations can use data to realize positive change.

The founding of QOMPLX was a kind of response to “an allergic reaction to being confronted with the lack of tools to reason about our really complex and interconnected world," Jason told Raconteur's Anna Codrea-Rado.

It was also inspired by Jason and Andrew's experience serving in the U.S. military, Army Cyber Command and the intelligence community.

“When we started thinking about the root problems that we had, every organization was really facing the same basic challenge,” Jason said. “We’ve all got a bunch of messy data of dubious quality and origin, and we wanted to try and figure out how to make the best operational decisions with it. A big part of our approach was that simulations, not just overhyped machine learning and deep learning, needed to be a part of any lasting solution.”

Read the full article over at Raconteur.net.

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