• Dec 28, 2020

QOMPLX Contributes to Government Technology’s 2021 Security Predictions

QOMPLX Contributes to Government Technology’s 2021 Security Predictions

QOMPLX’s prediction that “state, national data privacy laws take center stage” was among those called out by the publication Government Technology in its recent piece The Top 21 Security Predictions for 2021.

The article, which surveyed predictions of top information security firms, took note of QOMPLX’s 2021 predictions (which can be found here). That list, written by QOMPLX co-founders Jason Crabtree (CEO) and Andrew Sellers (CTO), noted that GDPR, CCPA, and similar state regulations (in the U.S.) will continue to evolve in 2021, even as more national governments follow their example in addressing perceived shortcomings in current consumer protection laws.

“Complying with this thicket of rules will require agility on the part of organizations when it comes to data organization,” QOMPLX CTO Andrew Sellers wrote. “We will see more companies investing in SaaS product offerings that support compliance initiatives across many different regulatory regimes and to maintain standard operations globally.”

Government Technology’s article assembled predictions from QOMPLX, firms including Trend Micro, Splunk, FireEye and CrowdStrike, as well as analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester.

COVID-19 was a theme in many of the security predictions. The switch to work from home opens the way for attacks on home networks, and reveals pre-existing vulnerabilities. The rise of ransomware was another common theme, with new forms emerging and a variety of organizations targeted.

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