• May 20, 2020

Sunday Times Magazine: Navigating Risk in a Complex World

Sunday Times Magazine: Navigating Risk in a Complex World

Jason Crabtree, QOMPLX CEO and co-founder, was featured in the Sunday Times ‘Business Risk’ section with the article, ‘Navigating risk in a complex world' (PDF).

The article addresses the shift in cyber risk amid global transformations like the COVID 19 pandemic. While the threats facing organizations haven't changed as a result of the novel Corona virus, the specific risks to their organization may have, Crabtree notes.

With millions of workers now working remotely, organizations need to re-assess their risks, Crabtree advises in the piece.

“It’s vital organisations catalogue the range of vulnerabilities they have and the degree to which they think they are a target for different threat actors.”

“You can’t mitigate everything and you’re never going to just ‘fix’ cybersecurity. It’s not as simple as buying security tools as if they are a virtual lock on the door,” says Crabtree. “You've got to have a holistic response, not to just remediate the actual deficiency if one were to occur, but also to understand the secondary and tertiary effects on the business, such as brand reputation, customer confidence, mandatory notifications or regulatory requirements, and how to estimate event severity and frequency to assign a risk level.”

Read the full Business Risk supplement here.
Jason's article can be found here.

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