• May 18, 2020

Forbes: Learning From GDPR and CCPA

Forbes: Learning From GDPR and CCPA

"The use of sellable private data to influence voters and warnings about the rise of 'surveillance capitalism' are just two symptoms of an unbalanced market for personal information," writes QOMPLX CTO Andrew Sellers. "So too are the massive consumer data breaches that have become a fixture of the times."

The question is: 'how to respond?' In ‘Learning From GDPR And CCPA’, an article Andrew wrote for the Forbes Technology Council, he argues that new laws like GDRP in the EU and CCPA in California are part of the answer to that question. Both laws are changing that status quo on both sides of the Atlantic: forcing corporations to raise their data and information security standards along with increasing transparency around what personal information is stored and how it’s used. But both laws also come with "baggage," Sellers warns.

“Without a doubt, GDPR and CCPA established legal precedents and started a much-needed conversation about how to best manage individual data in both the private and public sector. Both laws establish strong baselines for data protection and consumer ownership of personal information. At the same time, both unwittingly erect considerable obstacles to compliance, especially for resource-constrained SMBs and start-ups,” writes Sellers.

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