• Jun 24, 2021

Fathom and QOMPLX partner to bring flood models to Q:HELM

Fathom and QOMPLX partner to bring flood models to Q:HELM

At QOMPLX, we believe that cat models play a major part in the larger insurance data ecosystem and broad availability at an affordable price is an industry necessity. Q:HELM provides a variety of models and data in a one-stop shop that can be selected in a bespoke manner and used for critical decision-making around risk. When cat models are more readily available, and data integration becomes simpler, cat modeling can become part of everyday risk management processes and no longer an occasional activity.

To expand the Q:HELM ecosystem of models and data, QOMPLX and Fathom have agreed to include the bespoke Fathom flood models in Q:HELM. The models provide users a comprehensive view of flood risk, covering both riverine and flash-flood perils, with a combination of inland and coastal flooding. This addition builds upon the core data fabric of Q:HELM that will support key activities such as underwriting, reserving and claims management. Read more here.

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