• Jan 7, 2020

QOMPLX Tallies 12 Patents in 2019 for Technological Innovation in Cybersecurity, Insurance, Finance and Analytics Infrastructure

RESTON, VA, January 7, 2020 – QOMPLX, the intelligent decision platform provider, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) awarded 12 U.S. patents for QOMPLX innovations in 2019. The most recent was issued December 24, 2019 for QOMPLX’s platform for hierarchical cooperative computing – more commonly referred to as multi-cloud and cloud-edge computing architectures. In addition to the 12 awarded in 2019, QOMPLX has dozens more patents pending in the U.S. and select countries around the world.

QOMPLX’s unified analytics infrastructure enables better decision-making at scale by making it faster and easier for organizations to integrate disparate internal and external data sources as part of a holistic view across the enterprise. This enterprise data-fabric is called QOMPLX OS: an enterprise operating system that powers QOMPLX’s purpose-built decision platforms in cybersecurity, insurance, and quantitative finance. QOMPLX predominantly serves large multinational companies who require multiple terabytes a day of data collection, ingest and analysis with the ability to reach into the petabytes of at-rest data.

Being awarded each of these patents underscores QOMPLX’s ongoing commitment to technological leadership as a fundamental component of the company, its people and product offerings. The patents – across cybersecurity, insurance, finance, and data infrastructure -- allow QOMPLX a 20-year period of exclusivity to the technologies.

QOMPLX’s patents for cybersecurity cover a wide range of innovations, designed to aid enterprises struggling to manage the overwhelming volume of cybersecurity information and procedures. These innovations include QOMPLX’s cybersecurity decision platform, the ability to accurately determine and identify threat actors and campaigns, and advanced cybersecurity threat mitigation for inter-bank transactions. Additionally, in the area of finance, QOMPLX has patented a system for multi-method information insurance risk and coverage information capture, analysis, transformation, outcome prediction, and presentation.

QOMPLX’s data infrastructure innovations include a highly scalable distributed connection interface for data capture from multiple network service sources; a distributed system for large volume deep web data extraction that is linearly scalable, decomposes large extraction tasks into concurrent searches, has powerful web data scraping and objectification capabilities with the ability to emulate live users and uses a well-defined, highly customizable, simplified, search agent configuration interface requiring minimal specialized programming knowledge; a novel time-series graph hybrid data store enabling robust and efficient persistence and queries across temporal graphs; and a distributed system for the capture and storage of time series data from sensors with heterogeneous reporting profiles which can scale to ingest and analyze high data throughput from millions of sensors. The system further includes the capacity to archive data that has surpassed a predetermined age within the live data store, but which is still required.

“These patents continue to demonstrate the groundbreaking applied research and development initiatives inside QOMPLX as our team transforms enterprise analytics across cybersecurity, insurance and quantitative finance,” said Jason Crabtree, CEO, QOMPLX. “As practitioners, our software and services offerings continue to leverage these technologies in mission critical use-cases and we expect the number of patents covering our unique technology offerings supporting clients to continue to grow in 2020.”

About QOMPLX, Inc.
QOMPLX makes it faster and easier for organizations to integrate disparate internal and external data sources across the enterprise via a unified analytics infrastructure that supports better decision-making at scale. This enterprise data-fabric is called QOMPLX:OS an enterprise operating system that powers QOMPLX’s decision platforms in cybersecurity, insurance, and quantitative finance. Headquartered in Reston, VA, QOMPLX also has offices in New York, Denver and London. For more information visit QOMPLX.com and follow @QOMPLXOS.

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