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In response to the ransomware scourge, QOMPLX offers free trial of its powerful attack surface management tool

TYSONS, VA., September 15, 2021 — QOMPLX, a leader in cloud-native risk analytics, is excited to offer the first-ever limited time free trial of Q:SCAN, a powerful internet attack-surface scanning and scoring solution that helps organizations identify, monitor, and fix external cyber exposures. QOMPLX’s Q:CYBER suite, including Q:SCAN, the comprehensive solution combining external attack surface intelligence with internal telemetry from Active Directory, log sources, and other security tool feeds. With Q:SCAN’s user-friendly interface, customers can quickly identify all of their internet-connected assets, find the associated vulnerabilities, and plug holes in their perimeter security.

“QOMPLX has always focused on getting to ‘ground truth’, using real observations about IT and OT systems for pragmatic, real-world risk management. By using our data analytics platform, we fuse together disparate & expansive datasets and enable our customers to greatly reduce operational risks,” said Jason Crabtree, CEO of QOMPLX.

Responding to the rise in ransomware attacks

Increasingly disruptive cyber attacks, including ransomware, have demonstrated the urgency of improving security for businesses, governments, and other critical organizations. All systems connected to the public internet, whether you are aware of them or not, produce signals that attackers seek to exploit. These exposures are increasing because of dispersed remote workforces, aggressive adoption of cloud services, and the wide availability of offensive cyber tools that enable malicious actors to escalate their access and take over your network.

To help improve collective security, QOMPLX is offering a free 30-day trial of Q:SCAN for customer-owned domains. It includes:

  • Initial scan of up to (3) user-defined domains
  • Access to our intuitive user interface that provides domain-level detail, clear visualizations, and our proprietary cyber risk score
  • Afterwards, our cyber experts unpack your Q:SCAN results to help customers identify problems they didn’t even know they had
  • We then conduct a follow-up scan to keep your momentum going

How does Q:SCAN work?

It passively scans external internet domains to identify key risk signals that can indicate vulnerable security posture. Q:SCAN identifies, collects, and analyzes all of an organization's internet-facing assets and their configurations to identify vulnerabilities and produces a risk score for the organization, similar to a credit score. The score includes domain-level detail and advanced analytics from public and QOMPLX’s own proprietary datasets, including vast internal cyber breach databases.

Q:SCAN data can be used directly by security teams, or integrated into analyst workflows to help defenders guard against external threats. Q:SCAN data also powers partner solutions such as the Dun & Bradstreet Cyber Risk Rating service.

“We launched Q:SCAN with the understanding that our expertise in Internet-scale data collection, unstructured data analysis, and analytics allow us to outperform our competitors’ offerings. Since then, we have continued to enhance Q:SCAN and we’re pleased to bring these capabilities to more clients through this limited time free trial,” said Andy Jaquith, General Manager, Q:CYBER.


QOMPLX is the cloud-native leader in risk analytics. We help organizations around the world make intelligent business decisions and better manage risk through our advanced, proprietary risk cloud. We are the leaders at rapidly ingesting, transforming, and contextualizing large, complex, and disparate data sources through our data factory in order to help organizations better quantify, model, and predict risk in areas including cybersecurity, insurance, and finance. For more information, visit qomplx.com and follow us @QOMPLX.


James Faeh - Director of Corporate Communications

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In response to the ransomware scourge, QOMPLX offers free trial of its powerful attack surface management tool

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