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Identity Assurance for Active Directory Tech Spec

QOMPLX’s Identity Assurance solution disrupts cyber attacks by detecting the techniques common to all large-scale breaches: credential forgery and privilege escalation. Identity Assurance validates that each user who requests access is who they say they are using patented stateful validation of the Kerberos protocol and deterministic detections plus additional heuristic filters.

To stop attacks before they damage your organization, QOMPLX’s Identity Assurance helps you:

  • Secure Your Active Directory and cloud Identity Providers (IdPs)
  • Detect Attacks
  • Shorten Dwell Time
  • Enhance the Value of Existing Security Tools
  • Improve Asset Inventory Accuracy
  • Maintain Control

Download QOMPLX’s Identity Assurance for Active Directory: Tech. Spec. guide to learn more.

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