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Embracing The Spirit of Thanksgiving In Trying Times

This year has been one for the ages. The COVID pandemic has upended our lives and reshaped countless traditions: from school graduations to Fourth of July cookouts to Halloween Trick-or-Treating.

This week's Thanksgiving celebration is no different. Here at QOMPLX, we know that this year's holiday will be different than previous years. Almost a year into the pandemic, we know that for many this holiday will be inevitably tinged with sadness. Many families may have an empty chair at their table or the table of a loved one. Our thoughts and best wishes are with all of you.

Recalling the first Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the midst of a pandemic has a way of reconnecting us to the origins of the holiday in Plymouth Colony back in 1621. As with this year's celebration, that came amidst trying times. Thanksgiving wasn't intended to cap off an 'awesome year,' so much as to celebrate the mere act of survival: a successful harvest after a deadly Winter and Spring (half of the colony's 100 members perished) and ahead of what would be yet another bitter (although less deadly) Winter.

It was also an occasion to recognize and celebrate the spirit of cooperation and partnership that was a key to the colony's survival. As Edward Winslow wrote in his account of the event, the Pilgrims sent hunters out who killed fowl to feed the 90 members of the neighboring Wampanoag tribe and their king, Massasoit for days. In return, the Wampanoag "went out and killed five deer," which they presented to the Governor of Plymouth plantation as a gift.  

Challenging times such as these are disruptive and trying and - yes- they're often discouraging. But they also have a way of bringing out what is best in us and forging strong bonds of community and cooperation. Here at QOMPLX, we've been amazed and heartened by the spirit of cooperation and common purpose exhibited by our employees, our partners and from our customers. We know that the hardships and disruptions all of us have weathered in the past year have also forged new bonds and strengthened others, opening the path to better days ahead.

We here at QOMPLX wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!  

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