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Fractal Industries Nominated to the Innovation List

(RESTON, VA, October 29, 2018)--Fractal Industries™ has been named as an inaugural member of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Innovation list, honoring the organizations that “introduce new methods, ideas, and products to improve our lives and challenge the status quo.” The Greater Washington Region has always been an innovative ecosystem.

The Chamber will name additional companies into next year and award finalists and winners across several categories at the i-LIST Awards in May 2019.

Fractal Industries applies artificial intelligence to solve complex, real-world problems at scale. Fractal has built a single platform for data ingest, instrumentation, and analysis that enables the encoding of relationships within the data in the form of a graph via ontologies and taxonomies. Fractal has spent well over 400,000 hours of engineering effort in order to create the technical capabilities and infrastructure automation necessary to realize massively scalable analytics, machine learning, and modeling/simulation systems that can support multi-petabyte, data-driven decision-making. The Fractal OS™ platform provides tools to collect, organize, and enrich network data, operational data, and financial data from throughout the enterprise and across the web in order to support fact-based decisions and effectively explore potential or hypothetical outcomes.

Fractal Co-Founder and CEO Jason Crabtree said, “As a young company, we are really grateful to receive this kind of recognition. It confirms the hard work done by a tremendous team of technologists to solve some of the most challenging problems in data science for applications in cyber security, insurance, and quantitative risk management. We’re excited to be commercializing technologies and products that will undoubtedly improve lives and challenge the status quo. We look forward to continued growth and to making real contributions to the innovation economy of the Greater Washington Region over time.”

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Alan Mangelsdorf

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