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Forbes Technology Council: Some Uncomfortable Questions About Your Ransomware Defenses

Do you know what and where your critical data and IT assets are? Do you understand your critical control infrastructure? Knowing the answers to these and other questions is critical to stopping ransomware attacks against your company.

In ‘Some Uncomfortable Questions About Your Ransomware Defenses’ for the Forbes Technology Council, Andrew Sellers, QOMPLX CTO and co-founder, relates what companies need to know to prevent ransomware attacks.

“Stopping ransomware attacks, or even just keeping them from escalating, has everything to do with preparation and planning — anticipating the kinds of threats your organization is likely to face and taking steps to prevent or mitigate those threats. It's less about having an unrealistic expectation of stopping every exploit and more about segmentation controls and being able to detect adversaries' lateral movement in your enterprise,” writes Sellers.

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