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Data-Centric Cybersecurity Starts with Authentication

With the RSA Conference almost upon us, you're likely to hear a lot in the coming days and weeks about the need for "data-centric" cyber security. It's an intriguing phrase, but what does it mean, practically?

The Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only organization that is made up of senior-level technology executives, recently put this question to its members, including QOMPLX Chief Executive Officer Jason Crabtree. The result is a list of 12 useful tips for shifting your own approach to "data centric" cyber security.

In his response, Jason talks about the critical importance of authentication as a foundational security control. "Everything else depends on it," Crabtree writes. "The concept of data-centric security is all about ensuring rigorous enforcement of identity and then addressing authorized levels of access for authenticated users."

To start, businesses should address their authentication tools, such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. They should also closely monitor core identity infrastructure like Kerberos, Crabtree advised.

Read Jason Crabtree’s contribution to this Forbes Technology Council article: “12 Tips to Help Shift Your Business to Data-Centric Cybersecurity

Michael Mimoso

Published a month ago