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  • Jun 4, 2021

QOMPLX Knowledge

QOMPLX Knowledge

Information security is complex, but it doesn’t need to be. QOMPLX Knowledge is an on-going blog series that provides vital information and insights about critical cyber security concepts, including common malicious behavior and attacks that QOMPLX analysts encounter in their customer engagements. QOMPLX Knowledge blog posts explain key information security concepts in plain language. They also explore the information security trends that drive malicious campaigns, providing useful information on threat detection and incident response.

See below for a links to articles in this ongoing series.

  1. Golden Ticket Attacks Explained
  2. Silver Ticket Attacks Explained
  3. Responding to a Golden Ticket Attack
  4. DCSync Attacks Explained
  5. DCShadow Attacks Explained
  6. Pass-the-Ticket Attacks Explained
  7. Kerberoasting Attacks Explained
  8. Responding to a Silver Ticket Attack
  9. Kerberos Delegation Attacks Explained
  10. 10 Active Directory Health Checks You Should Know
  11. NTLM Relay Attacks Explained
  12. Understanding Pass The Hash Attacks
  13. Understanding OverPass The Hash Attacks
  14. 5 Ways Attackers Bypass Microsoft Azure ATP
  15. What Are AS-REP Roasting Attacks?
  16. Detecting Lateral Movement Using Windows Event Logs
  17. 9 Reasons To Consolidate Active Directory

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QOMPLX Knowledge: Skeleton Key Attack Detection

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QOMPLX Knowledge: Detecting Pass-the-Hash Attacks

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