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Register Now: Save Your SOC by Securing Active Directory

Automated detection of attacks on Active Directory and Kerberos can streamline security operations. Learn more in this QOMPLX webinar!

Your security operations center (SOC) has a problem. There are too many security tools generating too many alerts. At the same time, you have too few talented SOC operators to pick the signal out from the noise. Firewalls, SIEMs, PAM and DLP are good at what they were designed for, but the telltale signs of the most dangerous attacks on your environment escape notice. The embrace of web-based platforms and tools has extended your security boundary to the cloud - and also opened you up to new risks. What to do?

On March 11, QOMPLX Chief Security Officer Andy Jaquith will host an online discussion about how automating identification of common, Active Directory attacks like Golden- and Silver Ticket attacks and DCSync can pay big dividends and prevent follow-on attacks against federated services like Amazon Web Services and more.

If you attend this event, you'll learn:

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