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QOMPLX CEO: Data Supply Chain key to mastering AI

The advent of artificial intelligence (or "AI") is hailed as a watershed event: a paradigm-busting development that will remake not just businesses, but industries and entire economies. Today, however, the promise of AI is far greater than its humble reality. All the hopeful talk masks a hard truth: only companies that take a disciplined approach to their data supply chain will be able to maximize the value of artificial intelligence.

That's the conclusion reached by Jason Crabtree, QOMPLX CEO and co-founder in an interview with Raconteur about AI's value and mastering the data supply chain. The piece, "Mastering the Data Supply Chain will unlock AI Value," was part of the AI for Business publication, which ran in this week's The Sunday Times in London.

The first rule of having a good Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has nothing to do with AI: it’s managing data effectively, says Crabtree. Modeling at scale requires a data supply chain to ensure the data is real, valid, and formatted and structured correctly, as well as constant checking of whether circumstances have changed. Without proper data management, companies would be unable to validate the information used on the AI model. "If they don't get the data supply chain right, they’re deluding themselves and essentially trying to apply advanced techniques over the top of bad data,” he said.

QOMPLX works with enterprises to get their data supply chain in order and to integrate their many point solutions. It focuses on large-scale data processing and a lot of streaming data processing for mission-critical and high-performance use-cases, such as securing some of the world’s largest companies against cyberattacks, including validating users are who they claim to be by securing enterprise authentication in Active Directory and Kerberos.

To read Jason's thoughts on proper data management and to learn Jason's thoughts about the best applications of artificial intelligence today, read the article over at Raconteur.net.

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