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QOMPLX® Partner Program

Unlocking Opportunities Through Partnerships


Strategic: Alliance partners bring value to QOMPLX and the partner through sharing of mutual industry expertise, network relationships, or integration of products into a new, white labeled product. The relationship with a strategic partner may include joint integration efforts, marketing efforts, and joint sale of the product.

Technology: QOMPLX focuses on technology partnerships that will bring additional value to our end customers. We strive to make our technology integration friendly. The focus is to bring together technology from multiple companies to facilitate ease of use or additional value for our customers. Typical technology partnerships include model vendors and data provision companies.

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The QOMPLX Insurance Portfolio Allows You To:

Insurance Products

Our underwriting entities, QOMPLX Underwriting and RubiQon, sell insurance products covering cyber, terror, and other man-made perils. This allows businesses to easily and economically manage risk and enable insurance carriers to access previously untapped pools of risk.

Underwriting Platforms

The Q:INSURANCE™ platform enables our automated underwriting and data handling processes to be seamlessly integrated with back office offerings. This provides underwriters and managers with a customizable, turn-key underwriting system, delivering more informed underwriting decisions and better risk selection.

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