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QOMPLX® Partner Program

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Cyber Security

QOMPLX offers partners the ability to provide their customers a way to economically protect their enterprise from a full range of adversaries, including advanced targeted cyber-attacks. Allowing companies to integrate disparate data sources across their environment and spot malicious activity in the earliest stages of a cyber-attack. With the QOMPLX portfolio we focus first on establishing “ground truth” in networks building from authentication validation as a key part of ensuring the integrity of the core identity infrastructure. Ultimately, this helps business leaders leverage their existing security data to reach better and more informed decisions.

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The QOMPLX Cyber Portfolio Allows You To:


Visualize attack pathways for IR capabilities as well as planning and risk analysis (Privilege Assurance)


View comprehensive data on AD environment, including trusts, privilege escalations, and more for monitoring/ alerting as well as GRC reporting and audit needs (Privilege Assurance)


Perform detections at 100% accuracy for Golden Tickets, Silver Tickets, DC Sync, and DC Shadow exploits (Identity Assurance), as well as several other detections


Perform detections at less than 15-minute detection time for the four major exploits (Identity Assurance)


Ability to ingest new data in minutes, not weeks


Click through the UI for auto-scale resources, LB, parsers, filters, rulesets, and more

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