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A Fusion of Insurance & Technology - Changing How Decisions are Made

Q:HELM Modeling-as-a-Service Solution for Superior Risk Decisions

An enterprise grade modeling platform with a consistent and uniform user experience. Built on a performant cloud native architecture, the platform allows users to understand, model, manage, and transfer risk without limitations and unreasonable expense.

Q:HELM includes a marketplace for third party catastrophe models, Oasis LMF standard models, and our own QOMPLX specialty peril models.

Q:HELM provides:

Enterprise Grade Modeling Platform
  • A consistent and uniform user experience with security in mind

  • 100% Compatible with Oasis LMF but enhanced for performance and scalability

Marketplace for Data and Models
  • Access and licence models from: Oasis LMF, third parties, QOMPLX

  • Availability of datasets and tools to promote model-building, tuning, and analysis

Elite Data Ecosystem
  • Built upon the advanced capabilities of the QOMPLX:OS unified analytics platform

  • Fast Data Ingestion, cleansing, and integration among other capabilities

Q:HELM Transforms the Underwriting Process

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Enterprise Grade

Gain access to faster simulations and more predictable modeling results in order to analyze risk scenarios from multiple angles for optimal portfolio management. Leverage data-driven results to establish underwriting guidelines, manage risk selection, diversify portfolios, and optimize profitability. SaaS experience with additional API support for your other integration needs.

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Q:HELM is contributing to industry collaboration and knowledge-share opportunities by bringing together users and model & data vendors together to one open marketplace. Model developers can bring their solutions to the market and model users can consume a diverse variety of models and data that more closely align with their underwriting needs.

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Elite Data Ecosystem

Have confidence in results with high quality data processing that includes automatic cleansing, built-in sanity checks, and normalization of model datasets. You can also limit the time and effort it takes to access risk information needed for day-to-day underwriting activities with customizable analytics and scalable data storage.

Multiple Modeling Paradigms

The Q:HELM platform includes OasisLMF models, with an OasisLMF core engine re-engineered to enterprise quality. Additionally, the platform includes QOMPLX’s own cloud-native additions - a terrorism model and an agent-based model for casualty (QSIM).

Contact us to add your catastrophe model into the Q:HELM Model Store

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