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A context-driven decision platform designed to enhance and simplify underwriting and risk management capabilities

Q:INSURANCE's Underwriting-as-a-Service (UWaaS) provides underwriters with the full suite of information needed to quote, deny, defer, or bind a risk in minutes, including all modeling/actuarial requirements, portfolio management and accumulation, and the delivery of supporting documentation.

Key Benefits

  • Decisions and data entry automated by a human-machine learning platform based on real-time data, advanced analytics, and decades of insurance expertise
  • Automation of routine decisions based on custom rules and algorithms that allow Underwriters to focus on outliers
  • Our man-made peril models simplify risk assessment and reduce time from quote to binding coverage
  • Scalable platform that allows for portfolio analysis of financial impacts and “what-if” scenarios
  • Predictive AI modeling functionality to identify and score trade signal strength and market state changes

Leverage Q:INSURANCE for your firm

Q:INSURANCE's underwriting and risk management capabilities transform decision-making with advanced analytics models and real-time data solutions.