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Trader Surveillance

Highly customizable parameters for real-time detection of inappropriate activity

Q:FINANCE's Trader Surveillance capabilities enable users to manage compliance checks and detection of behavior anomalies and market abuse across time by integrating complex analytics with customizable notifications triggered in near real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor structured and unstructured data to identify and prevent Rogue Traders as well as detect problematic behavioral patterns that could indicate abusive trading schemes such as Insider Trading, Front Running, or Pump & Dump/Trash & Cash
  • Monitor communications to lag suspicious phrases and trigger notifications or other automated responses in near real-time to mitigate compliance risk
  • View a breakdown of specific user activities contextualized with comparisons to their peers, presented according to designated parameters
  • Track reporting metrics based on user-defined areas of concern and rendered with dynamic comparison time frames for quick trend analysis
  • Explore highly customizable timelines that can be filtered by various factors to significantly streamline anomalous behavior investigations

Leverage Q:FINANCE for your firm

Q:FINANCE enables you to monitor and analyze communications, trading, and other activities to detect and report suspicious behavior in near real-time