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Answers to tough cybersecurity challenges

QOMPLX builds the right type of cybersecurity for today and tomorrow with trusted identity, risk prioritization, and timely threat detection.


Identity is the new firewall. With that in mind, Q:CYBER reveals and prioritizes your risk exposure with a suite of products to assess external vulnerabilities, secure Active Directory, and detect the most dangerous threats in near real-time with our streaming analytic platform.

Streaming identity validation

Detect advanced attacks and forged authentication requests in minutes with near certainty.

Active Directory visibility

Discover hidden relationships, visualize attack paths, and assess potential breach impact.

Customizable solutions

Optimize advanced detection rules to suit your security needs and minimize false positives.

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Cross-tool data fusion and interoperability

Our data fusion and analytics platform can be quickly configured to ingest and correlate data from virtually any source—including over 120 supported security tools—for highly contextualized alerts that can be easily integrated with API-based SIEM or orchestration tools.

Solving the hardest problems in cybersecurity

Confident decisions in cybersecurity require true visibility at scale. Q:CYBER utliizes streaming analytics and performs data fusion to evaluate billions of daily transactions while correlating disparate data feeds to deliver highly contextual real-time insights.

Identity Assurance

Minimize your attack surface to reduce your appeal to attackers.

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Privilege Assurance

Visualize and harden your entire Active Directory environment.

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Detect attackers in real-time & respond before they can do harm.

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Raising the bar

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