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Punkspider is back!

The original internet-scale web vulnerability scanning tool is better than ever

A legacy of innovation driven by a hacker mindset

In 2011, Alex Caceres set out to create a search engine for web vulnerabilities. In 2015, Forbes referred to Punkspider as the “Google of the broken Web”.

“Punkspider has always been about bringing a hacker mindset to cybersecurity and it’s been my passion project for years. I’m thrilled we are bringing it back, better than ever, to help everyone protect themselves and their companies online.”, said Alex Caceres, Director of Computer Network Exploitation at QOMPLX and Founder of Hyperion Gray.

Today, Punkspider is back and scanning for some of the most dangerous and easy to exploit vulnerabilities at a scale that is unmatched.


Crawler to the people

You can’t fly under the radar. As a website owner, you want your users to trust your site and your business. Ultimately, users want the same thing. They want to know that their daily trip around the web was as safe as possible and that they didn’t walk into a dumpster fire on their favorite websites. We put this power in your hands.

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Know what the hackers know: Punkspider browser extension

You deserve to be safer online. Hackers already know which websites are rife with dumpster fires, we believe you should too. That’s where our intuitive dumpster fire rating system comes in. We rate each site from zero to 5 dumpster fires with zero dumpster fires as the goal. Websites with vulnerabilities prompt a red spider designation, and websites without vulnerabilities prompt a green spider designation. Although we’ve scanned most of the internet, there are some sites that we may not have scanned yet. They will prompt a gray spider designation and will be coming soon. It’s designed to be easy to understand, easy to use, and make your daily internet travel safer.

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Punkspider industry insights series

Which industries are broken online? We’re exposing the truth through a series of insight-based reports pertaining to web vulnerabilities derived from Punkspider scans. Each report highlights vulnerability insights within a specific industry that is particularly relevant today.

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