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Written by QOMPLX Staff

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 22, 2020

Three years after NotPetya became the most expensive malware attack of all time the insurance industry is changing the ways cyber risk is assessed, writes QOMPLX President of MGA/MGU Operations, Conan Ward, for the publication Carrier Management.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 17, 2020

Common-mode failures and systemic cyber risk within the financial services and banking industries may threaten the stability of the financial system.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 15, 2020

Open source intelligence plays a growing part in both cyber offense and defense. In this report, QOMPLX Senior OSINT Specialist Joe Gray describes four ways that individuals and organizations can sharpen their open source intelligence gathering.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | June 02, 2020

QOMPLX is honored to have been included in the 2020 CyberTech100 list of the most innovative CyberTech companies serving the financial services sector.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | May 29, 2020

Kerberos Delegation Attacks exploit native delegation features in Active Directory that could allow a threat actor to impersonate users or machines and access services on the network.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | May 28, 2020

QOMPLX Vice President of Government Solutions Bill Solms writes for The Fifth Domain that government contractors should take the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standard seriously - and that the time to start preparing for it is now.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | May 27, 2020

In this second installment of our QOMPLX Operations series, we're digging into the tricky question of what makes effective SOC processes and how organizations can set themselves up for success by creating effective, responsive SOC processes that actually reduce risk.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | May 22, 2020

There are three key features that make accuracy and precision challenging for even deterministic models in cyber risk modeling. A new in-depth view of the modeling difficulties inherent to cyber is included in this QOMPLX white paper.