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Written by QOMPLX Staff

Written by QOMPLX Staff | September 14, 2020

What is the future of cyber insurance policies? A recent blog featuring Nick Economidis and comments by Mark Silvestri lay out what needs to happen for the cyber insurance field to grow.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | September 10, 2020

Jason Crabtree, QOMPLX CEO and co-founder, wrote ‘The market must adopt a risk-based approach to cyber’ for Insurance Day.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | September 09, 2020

QOMPLX's Pre-Assessment solution will help prepare defense contractors for the DOD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | August 31, 2020

Our pre-assessment will help your organization identify areas of concern or that are in need of improvement as you prepare for your CMMC audit. Our assessment tool will pinpoint problem areas before your audit and streamline CMMC certification.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | August 19, 2020

Pass the Hash attacks are one of the most common methods of lateral movement within compromised IT environments. In this QOMPLX Knowledge blog post we do a deep-dive on this common form of attack and lateral movement.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | August 14, 2020

Joe Gray, Senior OSINT Specialist at QOMPLX, was interviewed about the role of red teaming in cyber defense programs.

Written by QOMPLX Staff | August 13, 2020

Chuck Harold of SecurityGuyTV interviewed Jason Crabtree on Kerberos and Active Directory security vulnerabilities

Written by QOMPLX Staff | August 11, 2020

NTLM relay attacks allow malicious actors to carry out man-in-the-middle attacks to steal hashed versions of user credentials which are then 'relayed' for use accessing other network resources.