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Paul Roberts

Publisher & Editor in Chief, Security Ledger Senior Editor & Head of Content at QOMPLX, Inc.

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Paul is a reporter and editor who covers the information technology security space. His writing has appeared in publications including Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, MIT Tech Review and more.

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Written by Paul Roberts

Written by Paul Roberts | April 01, 2020

In our second QOMPLX Knowledge post, we profile Kerberos Silver Tickets: forged Ticket Granting Service (TGS) tickets.

Written by Paul Roberts | March 12, 2020

Microsoft's excellent report on human-operated ransomware attacks didn't mention a common thread in many successful attacks: continued use NTLM. Here is QOMPLX's advice on how to take away a ransomware attackers biggest advantage.

Written by Paul Roberts | March 04, 2020

Sophisticated attacks on Active Directory were considered 'artisan' level hacks. Today, they're business as usual. What happened? Our new report tells a story 30 years in the making.