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Paul Roberts

Publisher & Editor in Chief, Security Ledger Senior Editor & Head of Content at QOMPLX, Inc.

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Paul is a reporter and editor who covers the information technology security space. His writing has appeared in publications including Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, MIT Tech Review and more.

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Written by Paul Roberts

Written by Paul Roberts | March 05, 2021

Microsoft’s President was among a group of technology executives who testified about the SolarWinds hack. Their warnings to the government and the private sector were stark.

Written by Paul Roberts | January 29, 2021

A report on a Netfilim ransomware outbreak highlights the long fuse that these attacks have. Basic security hygiene - especially for Active Directory - can snuff them out.

Written by Paul Roberts | January 15, 2021

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) has warned its members about the risk posed to Microsoft Windows Servers and Active Directory installations after the disclosure last month of the so-called “Bronze Bit” flaw in the Active Directory.

Written by Andrew Jaquith, Paul Roberts | December 18, 2020

Federal agencies are advised to counter “Kerberoasting and forged TGT ” attacks—suggesting a worst-case scenario for federal IT networks.

Written by Paul Roberts | December 16, 2020

Sophisticated state hackers who compromised federal agencies used Kerberoasting to steal credentials and move within compromised networks, according to guidance from DHS.

Written by Paul Roberts | December 15, 2020

Distance learning has profound cyber security implications for K-12 school districts, the U.S. Government’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warned last week.

Written by Paul Roberts | October 29, 2020

Organizations face an uphill battle in detecting and responding to the sophisticated, human-directed ransomware campaigns. Getting a grip on credential theft and monitoring DNS traffic are key.

Written by Paul Roberts | October 15, 2020

As ransomware attacks spread to more, high profile firms, a new report by the security firm Sophos suggests that the impact of such incidents lingers within organizations long after the malware has been removed.