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Michael Mimoso


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Longtime security journalist, formerly Editor in Chief at Threatpost and Editorial Director at TechTarget.

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Written by Michael Mimoso

Written by Michael Mimoso | July 23, 2020

Businesses must be resilient to potential risks introduced by subsidiaries. M&A activity requires cyber due diligence be at the forefront for an acquiring company.

Written by Michael Mimoso | July 19, 2020

CVE-2020-1350, a wormable Windows DNS server vulnerability, threatens Active Directory domain controllers and network resources.

Written by Michael Mimoso | July 15, 2020

Recent attacks against firms like NTT highlight why businesses must address critical authentication infrastructure and reduce privileged access to stem potential disruption from ransomware.

Written by Michael Mimoso | June 11, 2020

Active Directory attacks against NTT and supply chain providers in Europe and Asia included the use of Mimikatz to target Active Directory credentials.

Written by Michael Mimoso | May 11, 2020

Recent targeted ransomware attacks remind us that securing Active Directory is imperative to containing threat actors already on a network.

Written by Michael Mimoso | April 27, 2020

A recent spate of attacks on hospitals, government agencies and a major US airport show that nation-state and cyber criminal groups are more interested than ever in Active Directory

Written by Michael Mimoso | April 09, 2020

The recent case of Hongjin Tan underscores the continuing risk of data- and intellectual property theft by rogue employees. But organizations that hope to crack down on such incidents need to address the endemic problem of lax privilege management.

Written by Michael Mimoso | February 19, 2020

The U.S. Department of Justice case against four Chinese nationals for a cyber attack on Equifax laid bare how public- and private sector organizations are struggling to learn the lessons of previous data breaches and cyber attacks.

Written by Michael Mimoso | February 19, 2020

Securing authentication is a critical first step to achieving data-centric cyber security, QOMPLX CEO Jason Crabtree tells Forbes.